Need a little extra info?

We’ve got you. Answers to common questions are listed below, but if there’s anything specific you’d like cleared up, just hit up our contact form.

  • Making accounts
    • How do I get started?

      It’s super easy to get going as a venue on JOMO. Just click the ‘Get started’ button above, and you can create an account.

      From there, you can choose to open a free demo account (which simulates a real, live venue), or jump straight into it and create a live one.

      From there, we’ll contact your POS provider to organise syncing your POS menu into JOMO, and send out your Welcome Pack, which contains everything you need to get started.

    • How long does it take to get up and running?

      It’s super quick. Within one business day of creating a live venue account, we’ll express post you your welcome pack.

      Integration times from your POS provider vary, but are generally within 2-3 business days.

      Once this is done, the final step is just to fancy up your menu with nice pictures and descriptions – you can do this, or we can do it for you for a small fee.

      All in all, you can be live and ready to take orders in easily under a week.

    • How will customers know I support JOMO?

      There’s a couple of ways we can help with this.

      To start with, as soon as your venue is live you’ll be listed in our in-app directory, which tells JOMO users which venues nearby support JOMO, which’ll help draw in JOMO users.

      The Welcome Pack we send out to you contains stickers and table flags to set up in your venue, which can both show off the fact that your venue supports JOMO, and explain to new customers how to use the app, and the benefits of doing so.

    • What’s in the Welcome Pack?

      Our Welcome Pack is sent out as soon you create a live account, and contains a bunch of table stickers, table flags and banners to be displayed at your bar/counter area – all designed with your venue’s logo and branding.

    • What if there’s an emergency and I need to pause JOMO?

      Yikes! If you run into any issues and want to temporarily switch off JOMO, you can click the menu icon in the top-right of your partner dashboard, and toggle the ‘Active?’ switch.

      It’ll immediately switch off, and you won’t be available or visible to JOMO customers until you switch it back on.

  • Fees and pricing
    • What are the fees?

      Just 2.5% commission. No monthly fees, no onboarding fees – that’s it!

    • What are the set-up costs?

      None! We’ve waived our set-up fees permanently, so getting started (including your Welcome Pack, stickers and table flags) won’t cost you a cent.

  • The app
    • How does it work?

      Easy. Customers can scan one of our QR codes if they like, or just open the JOMO app (or web app – It’ll automatically detect the venue, and your customers can start ordering.

    • How does leave-and-pay work?

      We think leave-and-pay is the future of order-at-table payment services.

      Once we detect a customer has left (or can no longer connect to their device), they’re charged for their bill.

      If the customer has a valid and attached credit card, they’re able to order from your venue. Unlike our competitors, they’re not charged until they’re ready to leave – our research shows this hugely improves the number of orders made.

      At the end, if the customer does not hit ‘Pay now’ and simply gets up to leave, they’re charged as soon as they’re over 100 metres from your venue. Frictionless for you, frictionless for them, and everybody’s happy.

  • Integrations
    • Which POS systems do you integrate with?

      In Australia, we currently support Impos for our POS integrations. If you use a different provider and would like to use JOMO – just let us know and we’ll try and get it going for you!

    • Will I need to re-enter all my menu items?

      Nope! When we integrate with your POS provider, all your menu items are linked straight into your JOMO account.

      All you’ll need to do is pop in some nice descriptions and images where available.

      If you update any pricing or availability in your POS provider, it’ll automatically update in JOMO too.

    • Can you guys assist with this?

      Definitely. Just email – there’s a small fee for us to do this, but it’s dependent on your number of menu items. If you don’t have too many, it’ll be super quick and affordable 😊.

    • What are the integration costs?

      Absolutely nothing, from us or your POS provider.

      Integration is 100% free, and all set-up, sync and activation is completely free of charge.

  • Support
    • What support do you provide?

      Everything you’ll need! Our email support is available to all JOMO customers at, and we also offer a direct phone service to select customers – just let us know, and we’ll chat it out.

  • Venue directory
    • How do I list my venue in your venue directory?

      It’s all done for you!

      As soon as your venue is active on JOMO, it’ll be listed in our venue directory. Any customer nearby can simply swipe up, and we’ll let them know exactly how far away you are.

    • Does this come at a cost?

      Nope! Our venue directory comes with zero additional costs (or extra set-up).

      Activate your account, and it’s all done for you.